Vijay Stambh – Victory Tower

Vijaya Stambh (Victory tower) at chittorgarh fort was built by Maharana Kumba to commemorate his victory over Mahmud Khilji of Malwa in 1440. Construction of tower was done between 1458 and 1488. Its one of the great monuments of india.This beautiful and amazing tower have 9 floors and its height is 37 meters and its base height is 3.0 meters. The most amazing thing is , the victory tower is visible from any area of chittorgarh city. For reaching at top floor, there are 157 narrow stairs. On the tower Hindu Gods and Goddesses images are marked. After reaching at the top of tower, anyone can see a great and unique view of the whole city.

victory tower chittorgarh

In the night, colourfull lights increase its beauty.When reaching near vijaya stambh and viewing it from bottom gives great feelings of old time architecture and joy of victory. So really its a great piece of monuments and must be included in great architecture of india.

Root : For reaching victory tower , one should first reach ram  pole , then turn to kalika mata temple road on fort. After few distance , in right side you will see victory tower.


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