Smidheshwar Mahadev – Mokalji Temple

In the way from gomukh kund to victory tower , while turning in west , we can see a very old but great temple with its different architecture on chittorgarh fort temple. The temple is known as smidheshwar mahadev and its also called mokalji’s temple. Originally the temple was built by Raja Bhoj. But maharana mokal renovated it again and thats why it is also called mokalji’s temple.

The gumbad (top of the temple) can be seen from victory tower and it have many small size of temple made on it. There are two gates of the temple , one is in north side and other in west side. The inner side of temple is very attractive and have the style of 14th centuary temples. The walls of temple and its pillars are very arractive. Main portion of the temple (Garbhgrih) have three idols joined in a single statue showing the 3 formats of hindu gods Bharhma , Vishnu , Mahesh (Shiva). Middle idol is for vishnu , in left is bharhma and in right is mahesh. All the are joined in very unique way. The centered idol of vishnu have big eyes just like watching the world. In left side idol for bharhma ji and he is regerating the world. The idol of mahesh (shiva) is in horrible look and we can see some gap in his mouth as his mouth is opened in the statue. Some flowers daily decorated in the open mouth of shiva. The whole statue is very big in height.

In the west side gate , there is made big statue of nandi and its different from other temples. In the south part of temple we can see some staircases which are joined to gomukh kund.


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