Shringar Chori (Shringar chauri) – Chittorgarh Fort

Between banvir’s wall and topkhana building , there is made a very beautiful temple which is dedicated to 10th Jain Tirthankara – Shanti Nath. Temple is called Shringar Chori (Shringar Chauri). There are two entrance gates. North gate opens in the direction of bhamashah haveli while the south gate opens towards banvir’s wall.

In the inner side of temple , there is made a stage. At the corners of the stage , four pillars of seven feet height are made which makes it a unique temple which such a different type of architecture.

This temple was made in 1448 A.D. by Belka (Bhandari Bela) who was the son of kola and kola was the treasurer of Maharana Kumbha.


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