Sangam Mahadev – Merging of two great rivers

As the name suggest , sangam is the place where two rivers Gambhiri and Berach are merged. On the bank of sangam , there is situated sangam mahadev and its great visiting place of chittorgarh. Lots of people reach there with family and enjoy parties with rajasthani traditions and worship to god. Reaching there you will get peaceful environment and you will feel yourself among nature.

Root : Find the road behind police headquarter (Kotwali) of chittorgarh and follow the same root , after some time you will reach to keerkheda. Now go on the same root and you will reach to bhoikheda village. Now within few minutes of distance you will see sangam mahadev temple.


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  1. I also want to support to make each and every stone of Chittor famous. How much I love Chittorgarh! I want to come there and see each and every place of Chittorgarh.

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