Ratan Singh Palace

Ratan Singh Palace (Ratan Singh Mahal) is situated just near to chauth mata temple and Shantinath Mahaveer Swami Jain Shwetamber Temple. This is a large palace and can be seen from north part of chittorgarh fort. This beautiful palace was made by Maharana Ratan Singh.

The entrance gate of palace is very huge and have chhatris (A small house like structure) on it. In the palace a well maintained garden with green gras can be seen. It shows us the glory of chittorgarh.

In the north side of palace, there is a gate which leads to internal part of palace. In inner part , there is big empty space and around it different old structures and rooms are made.

In the east part of palace , in upper side , we can see balconies having old structure and viewing chittorgarh fort from these balconies gives great pleasure.

This palace was used for great occassions and ceremonies in ancient time.


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