Places to visit

Places to visit in chittorgarh , rajasthan , india

In whole places to visit in chittorgarh can be divided in two parts :

1. Chittorgarh city visiting places

2. Chittorgarh fort visiting places

Chittorgarh fort : Chittorgarh fort is asia’s largest fort and its the greatest for of india. It have many monuments and places which are built from the time of maharana pratap and meera bai. Lots of sacrifices stories are combined with the fort.

Govt offices : Collectorate , District court , Circuit house , Nagarpalika , Zilla parishad , Panchayat samiti.

Markets : Rana sanga bazar , Sadar bazar , Goal piyau (rounded water source) , Vegitable market , Prajapat market , Fort road market. Markets lies within narrow path but rajasthani materials in cloths and orgnaments make them prosper.

Gardens : Nehru garden , Pratap garden , Padmini gardenĀ are two most famous spot for enjoying with family in evening.

Cinemas : There are two old cinemas – Apsara and Chandralok. Now people needs them to be more developed and also need a good high class cinema.

Pools : There are two pools on the gambhiri river. First is khilji pool which was made by allaudin khilji for sending his soldiers to fort. Second pool is made in the right hand side of khilji pool and its made for better convinience.

Colonies and sector have a good market and religious spot thats make a better living place.

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