Maharana Pratap :

Maharana Pratap was a Hindu Rajput ruler of Mewar, a region in southern rajasthan in India. He was brave Sisodiya Rajput specially he shown great bravery against the Mughal emperor Akbar. CLICK HERE to read more in HINDI and put your comments on his Maharana pratap jayanti.

There are many rajput rulers who ruled on mewar. Each of them are unique chapter of history. And because of these Rajput kings Rajasthan state is called rajputana. Out of them, maharana pratap was great king who fought with emperor Akbar whole life. And during his lifetime, Akbar couldn’t able to win mewar. He is known as first freedom fighter who spent his whole life in forest and hills and didn’t accepted owner until he escaped mewar from enemies.People of this place are religious. Meera bai was one of great devotee of lord Krishna and she did worship at fort. The bravery of maharana pratap and devotion towards meera bai gives unique title 'Bhakti aur shakti ki nagri' to this city.

Chittorgarh Overview :

It is district of Rajasthan state in India and situated in southern Rajasthan, this part exists in mewar region and has strong and unique historical background and significance in the history of India. A very famous slogan is GADH TO CHITTOR BAKI SUB GADHIYA , means This is the top most fort and others are small forts comparatively. History of mewar is one of the oldest histories of India. Mewar have very famous districts within it like Udaipur, dungarpur, banswara, pratapgarh, bhilwara, rajsamand, chittorgarh. The whole region is surrounded by Aravali Hill Range (Aravali parvat mala).

Chittorgarh Fort History :

The fort was made by chitrangad mori and was capital of mewar. Lots of rajput kings like ruled here and developed many great monuments which can be seen only here. Rajput are known for their loyality and bravery for their motherland. In mughal time , many mughal emperor tried to make win over this great and historical fort , but the brave kings of mewar fought till death to defeat them and saved the honour of the motherland while the rajput princess burn themselves in fire and that unique and great event is called Johar. There were 3 times johar done on this great place and rajput ladies end their lives in the fire.

Being the largest fort of rajasthan , it is among the most famous historical places in india. In the starting journey of fort , one have to pass through the city and have to follow fort road. The fort external walls are surrounded with the blank holes through them soldiers could attack on enemies using gun and other weapons and could fire on enemy from hidden places. There are seven gates, these gates are all made for restricting the entry of enemy in the fort and protecting fort. You can explore more about these places here - Click Here

The ideal time to visit is september to april. In winter time you can enjoy custard fruit (sitafal) here. Visit this great fort and make your historical journey ahead. You can share your ideas on each post by making comments.

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