Padmini Palace – Padmini Mahal – Rani Padmini’s Water Palace

Just between kalika mata temple and nagchandreshwar mahadev temple in the direction of south, visitors can see a large and beautiful palace related to princess padmini and first jouhar (johar) in the world. This palace is called padmini palace or padmini mahal.

The building near to water source is very well maintained. After entering in the main gate of building we can see good garden having lots of roses. The other building which was separate living place of rani padmini is in water. This whole area of padmini palace shows us the biggest and unique history in the world.

In the inner side of palace , a separate room is made where we can reach by staircases. This is very historic area. Alauddin khilji the king of india that time, had heard about unique beauty of rajput princess padmini. So he just visited chittorgarh by cheating rana ratan singh and told him that as a friend he want to come and visit chittorgarh. Then in this padmini palace alauddin khilji demanded to see rani padmini. But according to rajput custom any lady keep distance with unknown persons. So finally Padmini is shown to khilji indirectly. Here alauddin khilji, first time watched rani padmini and in the first view he became and great fan of her and he had wanted to make padmini her princess. Khilji attacked with his troops on chittorgarh because of chittorgarh was in between the trade route from delhi to gujarat and also somebit he was attracted to Rani Padmini. Great rajputs fought in the leadership king of chittorgarh rana ratan singh who was husband of rani padmini. But big troops of khilji with weapons killed many brave rajput soldiers and at last khilji reach near to victory. For saving the honour of her fort,custom and great rajput culture, rani padmini decided to do jouhar(johar) and many rajput ladies followed him. Jouhar means for perserving custom and honour rajput ladies burn themselves so that nobody can misuse them for any manner. So all brave ladies done jouhar. This way allaudin khilji could never achieved princess padmini.So padmini palace is among very rare place of world and this palace become unique and immortal. Now the mirrors from padmini palace are removed.


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  1. That. incident. Was. Horrible. And. Amazing. In. Rajasthan. History. We. Are. Greatfull. That. We. All. People. Are. Living. In. Rajasthan. Queen. Padmani. Has. Saved. Greatfull. Reputation. Bravelly

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