Padan pole

Padan pole is first pole (gate) of chittorgarh fort and it is entry point of the fort. The word padan is derived from patwi which means first or eldest in rajasthani. It is also said that a buffalo kid which is known as pada was brought down with the force of the people of first sack by Allauddin khilji, thats why its called padan pole.

padan pol chittorgarh - 7 gates of chittorgarh

Places near by

1. Memorial Of Bagha Rawat : In the outer left side of padan pole, a statue of stone is situated. It is Bagha Rawat memorial. The original name of Bagha Rawat was Bagh Singh Rawat and he was grandson of Rana Mokal ji.

bagha singh rawat temple padan pol chittorgarh

When Sultan bahadur shah of gujarat attacked on chittorgarh fort in 1535 A.D. then in the absense of Rana Vikramaditya , Bagha Rawat was announced as king of chittorgarh and approximately 30,000 rajput soldiers were with him. Bagha Rawat killed at padan pole while fighting bravely.


So whole this story makes this place among the biggest worshipable place of chittorgarh city.

2. Adarsh and purusharthi schools – Near padan pole there is bunch of some old schools like adarsh school and purusharthi school and the students of city comes and takes education on the foot of chittorgarh fort which makes them unique from whole world.


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