Mahalakshmi Temple

In the south direction from suraj pole , we can reach at Mahalakshmi Temple. This is very old temple and dedicated to goddess lakshmi who is known for wealth and prosperity.

mahalakshmi temple - mataji temples chittorgarh

From main road , one can reach at temple by following a short footpath. The statue of goddess lakshmi is very attractive and special decorations are done at the time of diwali festival. People from all around the city come here on diwali night to get blessing from mata for good health and wealth.

mahalakshmi temple - mataji temples chittorgarh

Just near to mahalakshmi temple , a very old ganesh temple is also there. The statue of lord ganesh is very very old and also the temple have unique structure on it. Both temples are surrounded by custord apple trees.


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