Kumbha Mahal – Kumbha Palace

In back side of banvir ki diwar and outside badi pol (badi pole) , we can see huge building in right side of main road. This is called kumbha mahal or kumbha palace. Initially palace was build by Rana Hamir but after that Rana Kumbha renovated many parts of the palace and hence its called kumbha mahal.

kumbha mahal - kumbha palace chittorgarh

A small gate leads to the compound of the palace. After going through this small gate near by road, visitor can enter in the inner part of palace through climbing some level up and passing through main entrance of the palace in north side. In left side there is the place where horse were kept in old time called astble. In the front of entrance there is open space which is connected through east and west sides. In east side there is place where maharana was supposed to prey to SUN and this place is called suraj gokhra. From the open space in middle , visitor can see the well maintained garden in backside of kumbha mahal. A exibition is shown on daily basis where the history of chittorgarh are displayed on wall with great light and sound effects.

A Great Sacrifice: Story of Panna Dhai

In the west side of kumbha mahal , there are rarely found structure of mewar having different Balconies and Pillars in rajputana style. This part have unique and immortal and have greatest historic significance in india because it is said that its the birth place of Maharana Pratap. This part also seen another great historic event Johar in it. In kumbha mahal there are some staircases in west side that leads to underground area where johar was done. According to different studies and clues it is the place of second johar which was lead by Rani Karnavati.

Attach to kumbha mahal , we can see a building in south west. This place having a very unique story which cant be repeated in any sense in this whole world. This place is the birth place of Maharana Udai Singh and another sense its the birth place of the king who given the name udaipur. Banvir who was very ambitious about being king of chittorgarh, killed rana vikramaditya. After killing vikramaditya , he was supposed to kill udai singh who was very little that time. Hearing this news the caretaker of udai singh , PANNA started preparation for escaping udai singh from this danger. She cleverly put little boy udai singh in the pot and hide the boy using leaves and vegetables. The person Kirat Bari who was responsible for cleaning the floor after eating , took that pot and escaped the child udai singh from banvir. When banvir arrived to kill udai singh and called where is udai singh, she pointed to the bed. But this time on the bed there was no udai singh. On the bed there was the own child of panna named CHANDAN. Banvir was looking too much angry and in angry state he dont think anything and cross his sword in the body of CHANDAN. Pannadhay (Panna was her name and dhay is added to who take care of child) shown his great and brave and faithful culture for saving his mewar and his kingdom thus making immortal her name in the world history and she is only mother who given up his own child’s life. From there pannadhay and kirat bari met at berach river and they gone through pratapgarh , dungarpur for saving the child and making sure for his proper life. But at last they reached at kumbhalgarh. And here child udai grown up and later on he found a new city called UDAIPUR. So chittorgarh fort is the motherland of udaipur. If udai singh was killed by banvir then the city was having other name than udaipur.


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