Kirti Stambh – Tower of Fame

The short way near fateh prakash museum leads to a great jain architecture Kirti Stambh or Tower of Fame at chittorgarh fort. Kirti Stambh is dedicated to jain tirthankar aadinath.Kirti Stambh was made of 13th centuary. This tower was made by digambar jain mahajan JIJA. After becoming ruin , kirti stambh was again renovated by maharana fateh singh ji.

kirti stambh chittorgarh - tower of fame

This tower is 22 meter high and have beautiful figures made on it. The ground portion of tower have 30 ft of area and upper part have 15 ft of area. Lot of small images are carved on all sides of tower.

The main gate is locked and no entry can be done now in tower.


Kirti stambh have 7 floors and each floor have remarkable structure. Top most floor gives great view of other parts of fort like victory tower , fateh prakash.

kirti stambh , chittorgarh fort

Just near to kirti stambh (tower of fame), a beautiful jain temple is made with unique carving made on it.

jain temple - kirti stambh


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