Kalika Mata Temple

Kalika mata temple at chittorgarh fort is situated between victory tower and padmini palace. Its very famous temple all around india and dedicated to goddess kali (One form of Maa Durga). This Temple is dedicated to Godeess Kalika which is Mother Godess Or Kuldevi of Mori Panwar Clan of Kshatriya Rajputs. Temple was made in 8th centuary by bappa rawal and initially he made it as temple of sun (surya) which was dedicated to sun. And surya kund just in front of fatta haveli near to kalika temple was also made by bappa rawal. When alauddin khilji broken approximate all temples and statues on chittorgarh fort when he attacked on chittorgarh fort because of rani padmini. So khilji also destructed this surya temple statue. Later on in kalika mata temple, great statue of maa kali which was placed by Maharana Hamir.


Many devotees come here daily.┬áIn the front of temple we can see a empty space where devotees come for ‘Ratri Jagran’ (A way to worship of goddess after getting desired things). We can reach inside temple by using staircases. Temple is made on a small rock and main gate of temple opens in east side.

kalika mata temple - mataji temples chittorgarh

Just inside the temple , we can see separate room for priest and other saints. We can follow left hand side way for entering in the temple. Just out side the main temple , we can see very attractive shiva temple called Jogeshwar Mahadev. The whole temple campus gives spiritual feelings and we can feel the blessings of kalika mata. Inside temple, there are proper rows are made for coming and going peoples. The inner walls have many pictures and images of gods and goddesses. Main idol of kalika mata is very attractive and each day proper decorations are done in the main idol part. Peoples give prashads and other things to represent to maa kali. Visitors perform round circle path (Parikrama). Other parts of chittorgarh fort like fateh prakash museum, victory tower, kirti stambh, suraj kund, neelkanth mahadev can be easily seen from here. A lion which is vehicle of maa kali is made outside temple just behind Jogeshwar Mahadev.


At the time of navratri (9 nights dedicated to maa durga), very special lightings and decorations are done and special aarti and pooja (worships) are performed.


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    This Temple is dedicated to Godeess Kalika which is Mother Godess Or Kuldevi of Mori Panwar Clan of Kshatriya Rajputs.

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