Gomukh Kund

Gomukh kund (Gaumukh Reservoir) is located on chittorgarh fort. Gomukh means mouth of Cow. Water flows from the cow mouth shaped point thats why it is called Gomukh. This kund is also known as ‘Tirth Raj’ of chittorgarh. Whenever pilgrims and devotees go on the tour of different hindu spiritual places, then after coming in chittorgarh, they come to gomukh kund for completion of their holy journey.

Gomukh Kund chittorgarh - kunds at chittorgarh fort

That water flows from cow mouth into the kund (Reservoir). Flowing of water remains continue 365 days, however in summer time water flow speed becomes slow. The water flows from a crack in the rock and fall into the reservoir at Gomukh but still its not exactly known that from where this water comes continuously.

Gomukh Kund chittorgarh - kunds at chittorgarh fort

The Reservoir is placed in a scenic location, attracting many tourists. This reservoir was a great source of water in old time. Lord shiva ling and goddess lakshmi statue is situated at the point where the water falls from cow mouth.

Natural environment with lot of green plants and flowing water makes everyone visit this place again and again. Great view of whole city can be taken from here also.

Root : From left side of victory tower , after downstairs , keep up the straight way , you will reach at gomukh.

Caution : The reservoir have some sleepy staircases , so be careful when visiting there and if you cant swim then make proper distance.

Needed : A good protective separation is needed between the reservoir wall and visitors , so that visitors can visit safely.


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