Fateh Prakash Museum Chittorgarh

Fateh Prakash Museum is situated in the premise of chittorgarh fort. It was made by Maharana Fateh Singh in 1907 and thats why its called Fateh Prakash. Its converted in museum in 1968. Great sculptures can be found here. In these , ganpati statue from Pangarh which are from in the period of 8th – 9th century is very famous. lndra and Ambica statues from bassi village are also famous.

fateh prakash museum chittorgarh - greatchittorgarh

Fateh Prakash can be reached by passing through Badi Pol (Badi Pole) and its just behind nagina bazar (Moti Bazar). The museum is divided into different sections where coins , weapons, old and tribal crafts are placed.

fateh prakash museum chittorgarh - greatchittorgarh

Entry time in museum is 10:00 AM to 4:30 AM and on monday anyone can enjoy free entry in museum. Museum remain closed on gazetted holidays and fridays.

These is a great museum all around the world and now its time that it must get world class recognition.

A school for chittorgarh fort children is made which is just near to fateh prakash.

fateh prakash museum chittorgarh - greatchittorgarh


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