Bhimlat Kund

Continuing with the main road of mahalashmi temple , we reach at a point where one road goes to kalika mata temple and other goes to mrig van. At this point very large water reservoir can be seen. Its called bhimlat kund or bhimlat.

Bhim-lat kund chittorgarh - kunds at chittorgarh fort

It is said that once bhim was very angry and in anger he kick with his leg on the earth and a water source (kund) is made. Thats why its called bhimlat where lat means kicking with leg.

Bhimlat is most popular place in chittorgarh for making parties and visitor can see many parties going on there specially on sunday or on holidays. Kund is surrounded by high walls from all sides and in the north side , there are some staircases from there people enter in below side for taking bath.

Caution : Bhimlat kund is very deep. So enter for bath only if you can swim.


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